4 Interesting Questions Every Formula One Fan is asking in 2017

With action day looming in March, every Formula One fan is angling to understand what is new and what to expect. Of course everyone has a different interpretation of what is expected to happen because after all, anything can happen in Formula One. No one would have thought Nico Rosberg would not be on the grid after his Championship title, but that’s just Formula One for you.

Below are some of the most obvious questions every Formula One fan and pundit is asking now that the action is about to start. Most likely, you also have the same questions in mind if you are an avid F1 fan:

1.     Will Ferrari Turn Up?

If the term underwhelming required a new definition, it would aptly fit Ferrari’s season in 2016. After a promising start with and proclamation that the Scuderia could at last challenge Mercedes’ dominance, all hopes went up in smoke. By the end of it all, it was obvious the main driver, Vettel, was out of sorts even with the team.

His expletive-laden laced rant to the team in the Mexican GP showed just how frustrated the German was. The question on everyone’s minds now is whether Ferrari will match Red Bull after giving up its 3rd place constructor’s position last year.

2.     Can Renault Recoup with Hulkenberg?

There is no denying that Nico Hulkenberg is the unluckiest driver because he never gets a top seat yet he is one of the most decent drivers in F1. A look at what he has done with Force India is just evidence enough that the Hulk can fight for podiums with the right car. It is no wonder Renault, which has had a poor year, has made a swoop for him. Is this going to be the impetus Renault needs to make a comeback?

3.     Does Stoffel Vandoorne have an X-factor?

There is no denying that fans were delighted when Stoffel Vandoorne stood in for Fernando Alonso in Bahrain 2016. He was impressive and now with a top seat, it remains to be seen whether the Belgian can push the new car to its limits. In Alonso, he has a great teacher and he can still push the Spaniard to the edge to claim bragging rights.  What you can bet on is that the Belgian has nothing to lose and you might just see another Max Verstappen on the track.

4.     Is this the Year Max wins it?

It is too early to write off the likes of Vettel and Hamilton, but if 2016 was anything to go by, you can expect a lot of thrilling races from Max. The Red Bull driver is an asset to every team and it is no wonder Mercedes did not even dare look in his direction when looking for Nico’s replacement.  Max is on a learning curve and it is no secret that he is learning fast.

Criticism aside, what did everyone expect when giving a teenager a car that makes a road supercar fade in comparison? He is learning and this might just be the year Hamilton starts feeling the heat.

So what’s on your mind about the new season? Do you think it will be more exciting? One thing is guaranteed; the cars will be faster so the thrill will increase for sure.

Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you start planning for F1 weekend action? Of course you have to think about getting there, but more importantly, you want to plan for your experience when you get to the destination.

For the Monaco Grand Prix, this question is even more pertinent considering you can enjoy exquisite F1 action like royalty in the city. While race action is the foremost thing in your mind, you should have a VIP experience in order to get the best out of your Monaco visit. Here is what to expect in exclusive VIP Monaco 2015 GP packages:

1.       Arrival in Style

helicopter transferIf you love Formula One, then you must be a fan of road monsters such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Well, what if you had the chance of driving down in one of these elegant rides on the most picturesque roads in South France? It is not a gimmick because you can select a hospitality package that includes a supercar to Monaco.

2.       Helicopter Transfers

Monaco is all about prestige, and if you really want to have a Formula One experience you won’t forget anytime soon, then you must get a view from above. You can buy a package with helicopter transfer after your Monaco visit to your hotel. It is an ethereal experience that redefines the essence of good living.

3.       Fully catered race viewing

cateringHow would you feel if you had personalized service during the racing action where you sample the best food, champagne, open bar and much more? It might sound like stretching the truth, but Monaco Grand Prix is renowned for its hospitality and all you have to do is choose a suitable package.

4.       Spectacular Views

raceviewingEnjoying Formula One is all about the viewing point which is the reason exclusive packages offer you the best paddock and terrace views. You can bag vantage viewing points through your platinum and other VIP packages and get the best feel of Monaco GP, which will give you indelible memories.

5.       Cocktail Parties Galore

How would you like partying with Lewis Hamilton or maybe Sebastian Vettel? It is not a dream because after parties have become a part of Monaco GP, and missing such action denies you the thrill of fully exploring Monaco.

Elegance and splendor are the essence of the Monaco GP experience, and with an exclusive VIP package, you will get to feel the pulse of Monte Carlo. Want to party on a yacht or maybe get some dice action in Grand Casino? You are welcome.

Moments in time – the Brazilian Grand Prix

In our arrangement investigating the historical backdrop of Grands Prix through chose notorious pictures, we turn our thoughtfulness regarding Brazil – a nation that has seen more than what’s coming to it of energizing races throughout the years.

Fittipaldi comments fairy tale victory in Brazil’s 1st Grand Prix, Interlagos, 1973

In 1972 Emerson Fittipaldi took his and Brazil’s 1st drivers’ crown, and the accompanying year his venerating fans found the opportunity to see him race in the tissue when the South American EmersonFittipaldi_get1_blognation won the privilege to host its first big showdown occasion. In an offer to give “Emmo” the best conceivable possibility of winning his home occasion, Lotus tried at Interlagos in front of the race, and the dark and gold 72-Ds typically ruled practice, yet with R. Peterson imperceptibly speedier than Fittipaldi. In any case, on race day it was Fittipaldi who proved to be the best, the Brazilian overcoming searing temperatures on some way or another to a tremendously prevalent triumph. He’s envisioned here step over the threshold of acceptability before young Lotus manager Colin Chapman.

Mansell takes stun triumph on Ferrari debut, Rio de Janeiro, 1989

Nigel Mansell was broadly so beyond any doubt that his Ferrari would separate before the end of the 1989 season opening Brazilian Grand Prix that he booked himself onto an early flight home from Rio. As it happened, the mustachioed Englishman need not have purchased the ticket as not just did his John Barnard – penned 640 – complete with progressive self-loader gearbox – hold together, it was additionally sufficiently speedy to win the race. It wasn’t all plain cruising for Mansell, in any case, as halfway through the race he was compelled to stick on when two of the three jolts holding his controlling wheel on dropped out. In any case after a wild last pit stop in which the wheel was changed, Mansell returned storming to see off the test of Mc Laren’s A. Prost and Williams’ R. Patrese and turn into the first man to win on his Ferrari debut since M. Andretti in 1971. “It’s the most laps the auto has ever done in its history,” said an astonished Mansell after the race, alluding to the 640’s inauspicious preseason dependability after the race. “I’m simply exceptionally upbeat that it was dependable when it tallied.”


Vettel turns his approach to third title, Interlagos, 2012

The 2012 season finale saw S. Vettel and F. Alonso going head to head for the big showdown, however with a 13point lead in the standings, the German held all the pro cards – or possibly he did until he was unintentionally spun around by Williams’ Bruno Senna at Turn 4 on the opening lap. Confronting the wrong path and with the field hurrying towards him, Vettel’s possibilities of guaranteeing a third progressive title abruptly looked exceptionally flimsy. Yet the Red Bull RB8 was an imposing machine, even when harmed, and once Vettel got going again he found himself able to charge through the field. The German in the long run stepped over the threshold of acceptability in sixth, yet with Alonso just ready to complete second behind Mc Laren’s J. Button, it was sufficient to make Vettel the first triple champion since Michael Schumacher.