Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you start planning for F1 weekend action? Of course you have to think about getting there, but more importantly, you want to plan for your experience when you get to the destination.

For the Monaco Grand Prix, this question is even more pertinent considering you can enjoy exquisite F1 action like royalty in the city. While race action is the foremost thing in your mind, you should have a VIP experience in order to get the best out of your Monaco visit. Here is what to expect in exclusive VIP Monaco 2015 GP packages:

1.       Arrival in Style

helicopter transferIf you love Formula One, then you must be a fan of road monsters such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Well, what if you had the chance of driving down in one of these elegant rides on the most picturesque roads in South France? It is not a gimmick because you can select a hospitality package that includes a supercar to Monaco.

2.       Helicopter Transfers

Monaco is all about prestige, and if you really want to have a Formula One experience you won’t forget anytime soon, then you must get a view from above. You can buy a package with helicopter transfer after your Monaco visit to your hotel. It is an ethereal experience that redefines the essence of good living.

3.       Fully catered race viewing

cateringHow would you feel if you had personalized service during the racing action where you sample the best food, champagne, open bar and much more? It might sound like stretching the truth, but Monaco Grand Prix is renowned for its hospitality and all you have to do is choose a suitable package.

4.       Spectacular Views

raceviewingEnjoying Formula One is all about the viewing point which is the reason exclusive packages offer you the best paddock and terrace views. You can bag vantage viewing points through your platinum and other VIP packages and get the best feel of Monaco GP, which will give you indelible memories.

5.       Cocktail Parties Galore

How would you like partying with Lewis Hamilton or maybe Sebastian Vettel? It is not a dream because after parties have become a part of Monaco GP, and missing such action denies you the thrill of fully exploring Monaco.

Elegance and splendor are the essence of the Monaco GP experience, and with an exclusive VIP package, you will get to feel the pulse of Monte Carlo. Want to party on a yacht or maybe get some dice action in Grand Casino? You are welcome.